The below Granite styles are in stock.  We also have hundreds of additional styles to choose from.  If you don’t see what you are looking for give us a call and we will walk you through the process to make sure you get the service and they Granite you want.  Call now 612-222-0471

We also source products from the following suppliers.

  • Napoli Santa Cecilia 37 sq ft

    Napoli Santa Cecilia


  • Grey Steel Granite

    Grey Steel Granite


  • Dallas White Granite

    Dallas White Granite


  • Cosmic Black 52 sq ft

    Cosmic Black


  • Colonial White 45 sq ft

    Colonial White


  • Caldonia 34 sq ft

    Blue Pearl


  • Blue Pearl 54 sq ft



  • White Mist Granite

    White Mist Granite


  • Napoli-Santa-Cecilia-37-sq-ft
  • Grey-Steel-38-sq-ft
  • Dallas-White-40-sq-ft
  • Cosmic-Black-52-sq-ft
  • Colonial-White-45-sq-ft
  • Caldonia-34-sq-ft
  • Blue-Pearl-54-sq-ft1
  • White-Mist-38-sq-ft-300x169
  • thumb_base_cherry
  • thumb_base_honey
  • thumb_base_walnut
Current Granite Showing:Napoli Santa Cecilia
Price:$50/sq.ft (w/standard edging)

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