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Long Lake Granite Counter topsGranite is formed as magma and cools deep inside the earth.  This makes granite a long lasting organic material that adds a level of luxury and exclusivity to your kitchen or bathroom.  The neighbors certainly won’t have the same counter tops when you go with granite as no two slabs are the same.

Granite is mined in countries like Brazil, Norway and Finland and cut from the earth in a single large chunk and then cut into slabs of stone that can be used in your kitchen, bathroom, bar, office and more.  Because it is naturally formed, no two slabs are exactly the same.  Veins and natural designs change and while this makes it harder to hide seams, this is what makes it exclusive- No one else has the exact same designs as you!  When you find a slab that you like you should reserve it right away.

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Granite Kitchen Counter TopsGranite is a great choice for kitchen or bathroom counter tops because it is extremely durable.  Being a natural stone makes it a great investment on a remodel or in your custom home. Natural stone is a long lasting material that adds organic beauty to your  home.

Granite counter tops are difficult to scratch making it great for homes with children, pets and heavy use of the kitchen and or bathrooms.  Granite can withstand high temperatures without burning or cracking and will keep its color which makes it an ideal solution for your kitchen counter tops.

The natural stone surface is also UV resistant which means if you have windows in your kitchen or bath the sun will not discolor or wash out the counter tops like with quartz or man made counter tops. Granite is also resistant to bacteria which makes cleanup a breeze.

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